Diana Large

Diana Large


January 5, 2023 – March 5, 2023

• Opening Time: SA – SU  13hs – 17hs. 
• Norgervaart 10a, 9336 TE, Huis ter Heide (Drenthe), Nederland 
• Contact: 06 51 92 52 06 (Alie Hut)

Galerie Huis ter Heide

Galerie Huis ter Heide is a gallery located in the village of Huis ter Heide in Drenthe. 

The gallery offers high-quality and very diverse work. 

The exhibition of my art can be seen in the gallery from January 5. 

This time with 6 guest artists; Femke Wolthuis, Anne Sey, Tineke Szarzynski, Ellen Kuijl, Marieke de Jong and Ineke Otte.

And the members of the collective: Peter Bes, Alie and Hennie Hut, Harmen van Kamp, Alesja Konchyts, Diana Large, Maya Mastwijk,
Sikko Mulder, Sieuwke Ronner, Gilda Wilpstra Gouhari.