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I like travelling and, everywhere I go, nature, architecture, light and music draw my attention. Every trip, near or far, inspire me greatly. Flying over a city, a field of tulips or walking through a forest will trigger my imagination. I will start drawing maps of these places in my mind and will transform them into shapes, patterns and shades of colours that will end up on my canvases.

My intention is for every single element of my painting to be leading to the next shape or patterns and then become a playful and joyful dance for the eyes. I hope that you will enjoy my work.

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• customizable art • customizable art • customizable art • customizable art •

I design a truly unique piece of art that brings your environment to a new level

You can send me a photo of the space where you would like to place the artwork and I will be happy to discuss the possibilities. Together we pick a certain size and colour palette according to your desired “atmosphere”.

I will make a sketch to work out the general composition and colours. Once you approve it, I will create the final piece.

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Check out where my paintings are currently exhibited.


  • Hoppa Kunst en cultuurfestival, Peize, NL
  • Dutch Luxury Design, Buren, NL
  • Martini Ziekenhuis, Groningen, NL
  • MicksArt collective, Emmen, NL
  • Global art gallery, Tongeren, BE
  • Gallerie Huis ter Heide, Drenthe, NL.



I am an Artist and Designer with a M.A. Master in Arts and Textiles. Originally from Colombia.

I have been living and working in different countries such as USA, England, France and currently living in the Netherlands. This international exposure has giving me the opportunity to introduced new elements from different cultures into my work, constantly adapting and transforming.

I am passionate about colours and love using them in different tones and contrasts. Colours make me happy and this energy is reflected into my creations. I wish for anyone to experience the same feelings of happiness when looking at my paintings.

Diana Large



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Diana Large


People’s experiences with my art

Laeti PonteNorway
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I have first heard about Diana's work through the sweet tailored-made designs that she makes for special events. My daughter loves the design she makes for each of her birthday parties. While trying to contact her, I ended up on a link to her artwork portfolio. I was totally hooked! All her pieces are original and what struck me was this amazing connection she has with colours. I can feel a specific vibration coming out of every painting. I like to paint my house in white or pastel colours and accessorize. My house counts two beautiful originals from Diane Large, one inspired by Spring and renewal and the other is a joyful cosmic dance of colours. These are my interpretations of course! Everyone visiting me seems to be drawn to these paintings! A magical feeling!
David GriffinArtist, United Kingdom
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Diana’s paintings are absolutely stunning, bringing warmth and light to your Soul. A kaleidoscope of colour and beauty, each painting carefully and meticulously designed to give viewer Delight and pleasure to the eye. Diana is truly a brilliant Artist and designer, continues to amaze with every new project and painting.
Marzia NuzzoloThe Netherlands
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The work of Diana Large intrigues the eye and relaxes the mind giving a happy calm feeling to the room it occupies. The colours give life to the room and fit well with the surrounding furniture. The most appealing aspect of Diana’s paintings is their complexity. I have had the “Day in Summer” Paintings for 3 years and it is always a pleasure to look at them. The combination of colours, shapes and details is always interesting to look at. Without these paintings my living room would loose a lot of its cosy and happy atmosphere.


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